All Certificates Updated with New Badges and Journeys

All Certificates Updated with New Badges and Journeys Did you know? If you’ve purchased certificates from me at any time on Etsy or Teachers pay Teachers, you get free updates indefinitely? That’s right. So if you’ve purchased any of the certs in the past, please send me an email at Include your order number and the level of certificates you ordered. I will email you back the new file. Some of the updated certificates have slight design changes from the older versions. This was one of the outcomes of losing files to a corrupted flash drive and having the […]

Updated Junior Badge Trackers Now Available!

Updated Junior Badge Trackers Now Available! As with the Daisy and Brownie Trackers, I recreated the old tracker too. Looking forward to how easy these will be to update in the future, which wasn’t true with the older version. The old style tracker has a new colorful header too. There are fillable pdf and non-fillable pdf versions available–the fillable version takes the place of the old Word version. I’m working on the Cadette trackers next! That batch shouldn’t take me as long because I have the bare bones graphics already done. Old Style Tracker The above “older style” tracker is […]

Badge Tracker Updates and New Product Sneak Peek!

Badge Tracker Updates and New Product Sneak Peek! Hi, everyone! As you know recently GS has added 42 new badges this summer. In order for me to update the badge trackers, I need the high resolution badge requirements from the GS Store. These PDF downloads are $.99-1.99 per badge: X – Items marked with an X have been purchased with donations received so far. Updated 8/9/19. I have them all! Thank you. Ambassador Space Science Master $0.99 XSnow or Climbing Adventure $0.99 XTrail Adventure $0.99 XCybersecurity $1.99 XCoding for Good $1.99 X Senior Space Science Expert $0.99 XSnow or Climbing […]

Troop Buttons for Everything!

Troop Buttons for Everything! Buttons, Buttons, Whose Got the Buttons? Sometimes I create graphics for clients, sometimes out of necessity and usefulness, but sometimes I design for FUN. And these are fun. I’ve created several buttons to completion and have quite a few still in draft form. At first, I figured they would make cute Facebook cover photos. Then I made matching cover photos to go with them. But I love them so much that I can see them being a troop logo or t-shirt design too! The sky is the limit. If you want a hot air balloon, an […]

Cookie Resources and World Thinking Day Certificates

Cookie Resources and World Thinking Day Certificates I’m seeing Girl Scouts everywhere! It’s cookie season and smiling Girl Scouts are out selling cookies at booth sales. My heart always soars when I see them, no matter what age and level they are. I hope all of you leaders and parents are surviving cookie season, as it can be a hectic one. Speaking of hectic, I’m sure you’re wondering…”Jen, where are your cookie resources?” First, some advice: Backup your files, everyone. Recently I went on a digital organization spree and consolidated all of my resources onto backup flash drives, mainly to […]

“Rescued” Resources and a New Store

“Rescued” Resources and a New Store It’s Almost 2019! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest {if you’re dying to know who won, scroll down}. I heart you guys so very much. If it wasn’t for the comments, notes and reviews from you in the past several months, I would have thrown in the towel long ago. Thank you for all of your support in 2018. I look forward to many more adventures in 2019! Have you ever come across an absolutely perfect item on Pinterest, only to discover the link is broken or even worse, it doesn’t go […]


The Store is Back Online!  First, let me say thank you to everyone who reached out after my last email. The messages really buoyed my spirits and gave me the drive to do the hours of work required to not only re-design but to re-list the products. As my way of saying thank you, I’ve decided to run a special offer and a contest! Leader Planner Offer  The first offer is for those of you who have purchased my planner. When I redesigned the planner, I made it *fillable* and added additional pages! This is something I had planned to […]

NEW Badges Mean New Trackers!

NEW Badges Mean New Trackers! Hi! Just wanted to drop by and let you all know I’m working on updating the badge trackers with all the new badges and journeys. You should have them in your hot little hands by the end of August. I will put up a blog post, post on Facebook and send out a newsletter so you’ll know when they are ready. Happy Back to Troop!

Happy Summer! New Daisy, Junior And Cadette Resources!

Happy Summer! New Daisy, Junior And Cadette Resources! Summer is such a different creature than it was when I was a kid in the 70’s. Growing up in Southern California, we were out of school the third week of June and didn’t go back until after Labor Day weekend. We spent barefoot days riding our bikes, playing outside, eating drippy popsicles and picking plums from the trees in our backyards. I remember a lot of stubbed toes! We generally drank TONS of Kool-Aid, ate Zingers, Laffy Taffy and Abba-Zabbas. We played in the sprinklers, watched late-night movies with our parents […]

End of the Year: Bridging and Ceremonies

End of the Year: Bridging and Ceremonies Can you feel it? Summer is in the air. The school year is winding down and it won’t be long before our days and nights will include BBQs, swimming and sunshine. But before that, we have end of the year celebrations–graduations, bridging and awards ceremonies. I am super happy to be kept busy with custom orders. You all have the greatest ideas and I’m lucky enough to help you execute your vision. It keeps me inspired. A New Freebie! Back when I was a leader scouring the internet for resources, there were certain […]