Looking for Camps you Attended as a Girl Scout?

Looking for Camps you Attended as a Girl Scout? ***Update July 2020*** Unfortunately this site is no longer active 🙁 Such a bummer. I wish I had downloaded some pics before it went offline. The domain is still registered but there isn’t any content. Here is by far the latest and greatest of websites I’ve found for Girl Scout nostalgia.  We are so lucky to have the internet.  We have access to a vast array of OPP (Other People’s Photos) from before many of us were even born.  Since I have very few photographs from my year’s in Girl Scouts […]

Oh My Wordle!

Oh My Wordle! Happy Summer Leaders!  Does your troop meet during the summer?  If not, why?  For my troop the girls travel a lot throughout the summer and it would not be feasible to continue meeting when school is out.  But I know troops that not only continue to meet, but also do service projects and activities all summer long. Please take a moment to take the poll located to the right of this post! What’s in a word?  Words are powerful, words can elicit emotion, describe people, places and things and create a visual picture.  So I was super […]

Let’s Talk Fonts!

Let’s Talk Fonts! Since I love making graphics, it’s only natural that I love fonts too.  If I see a graphic I love, it’s fun to identify the font that’s used.  There are a couple of really good font identification sites on the web.  I use myfont.com/whatthefont mostly but for easy idents (simple fonts that are not fancy) I use identifont.com.  What does this have to do with Girl Scouts you ask?  Wellll…the new Girl Guides to Girl Scouting use different fonts for each age group.  Having headings to use for a number of projects is so helpful, especially if […]

Girl Scout Leader Day & Earth Day!

Girl Scout Leader Day & Earth Day! Today is Girl Scout Leader Day and Earth Day! Two days in one.  What’s not to love?  The very fact that this day exists, makes me feel appreciated and honored.   I wish that for all leaders.  How do you feel today? My service unit honored us at the last Leader’s Meeting with cards and pens!  Any little token means so much.  So, from me to you, Happy Leader Day!  You are appreciated <3