iamgirlscouts is now iamstrawjenberry! Introducing Brownie Badge Certificates!

iamgirlscouts is now iamstrawjenberry! This blog is five years old! Five years ago I transitioned from a Girl Scout leader to a Representative, to a National Delegate to a blogger and so much more. Last week, I was surprised but not shocked that I got an email from Etsy saying that GSUSA was requesting that I change my shop name. My shop is several years “younger” than my blog. Initially, when I chose my blog name I wanted it to signify that we are all Girl Scouts. I am. You are. She is. And although I wasn’t asked to change […]

It’s Here! The aMUSE in a Day Journey Guide

It’s Here! The aMUSE in a Day Journey Guide I created this guide after completing the aMUSE Journey in a Day with my 4th grade juniors.  It is designed to assist your efforts to complete this journey in a day, weekend or sleepover. You will want to personalize it based on what products and resources you have on hand or that you can find in your area, as well as what your girls core interests are, logistics, etc. I started out with completely different ideas. Once I went shopping and did the foot work, some ideas changed.  With others I […]

aMUSE in a Day Outline & Photo Album

aMUSE in a Day Outline & Photo Album   The strawjenberry “Comprehensive Guide to Completing the aMUSE Journey in a Day” has been completed.  Whoop! This post is the accompanying photo album. My photography skills are not so great (next on my list of skill building tasks!) are mediocre at best.  For that reason I didn’t want to include photos in the e-book.  Hopefully they will give you a visual of the day and help you come up with ideas.   Journey Outline A. Reach Out   A Flurry of Roles   Team Prop Box   Take the Stage   […]

aMUSE Journey in a Day – My experience

aMUSE Journey in a Day – My experience I’m ambitious and well, maybe a bit crazy when it comes to challenging myself to take on tasks in Girl Scouts.  Personal challenges as a leader is what keeps it interesting for me!  So I decided to take on the aMUSE Journey in a Day.  aMUSE seemed the best fit for the venue we chose and for my girls’ personalities. Logistical details:  Held on April 27th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Seven girls in attendance from the same troop (originally 8 signed up).  The session was held at a non-profit, with […]