Updated Junior Badge Trackers Now Available!

As with the Daisy and Brownie Trackers, I recreated the old tracker too. Looking forward to how easy these will be to update in the future, which wasn’t true with the older version. The old style tracker has a new colorful header too. There are fillable pdf and non-fillable pdf versions available–the fillable version takes the place of the old Word version. I’m working on the Cadette trackers next! That batch shouldn’t take me as long because I have the bare bones graphics already done.

Old Style Tracker

The above “older style” tracker is available in the archives.

New Style Tracker

The grid-style tracker is also updated with all the new badges. FYI this tracker is not fillable. They are a manual form to print and fill in by hand. It can be downloaded on the Freebies page.

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