Senior Badge Trackers Now Available

The Senior Badge Tracker has been completed. One more to go with the Ambassador trackers. Whew! If you’ve placed an order from my Etsy store, please note I am working super hard getting all the orders processed. Thank you for your patience! As with the other trackers, you can choose between three choices: a fillable PDF (fill in using free Adobe Reader), a non-fillable PDF (to print and fill in by hand) and the new, grid-style trackers (also a print and fill). I no longer offer a Word version of the older trackers.

If you downloaded the new Brownie or Cadette grid-style trackers in the past week or so, please re-download them. The previous copies had errors/omissions. Please go to the freebies page and download the pdf again.

Old Style Tracker

The above “older style” tracker is available in the archives.

New Style Tracker

The grid-style tracker is also updated with all the new badges. FYI this tracker is not fillable. They are a manual form to print and fill in by hand. It can be downloaded on the Freebies page.

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