Cadettes Trackers are Updated!

The Cadette Badge Tracker is done sporting an all new header! You can choose between three trackers: a fillable PDF (fill in using free Adobe Reader), a non-fillable PDF (to print and fill in by hand) and the new, grid-style trackers (also a print and fill). I’m working on the Senior trackers over the weekend! If you downloaded the new Brownie grid-style tracker, it was missing the Outdoor Journey. Please go to the freebies page and re-download the pdf again.

Old Style Tracker

The above “older style” tracker is available in the archives.

New Style Tracker

The grid-style tracker is also updated with all the new badges. FYI this tracker is not fillable. They are a manual form to print and fill in by hand. It can be downloaded on the Freebies page.

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