Cookie Resources and World Thinking Day Certificates

I’m seeing Girl Scouts everywhere! It’s cookie season and smiling Girl Scouts are out selling cookies at booth sales. My heart always soars when I see them, no matter what age and level they are. I hope all of you leaders and parents are surviving cookie season, as it can be a hectic one. Speaking of hectic, I’m sure you’re wondering…”Jen, where are your cookie resources?” First, some advice: Backup your files, everyone. Recently I went on a digital organization spree and consolidated all of my resources onto backup flash drives, mainly to get the large files off of my work computer. I don’t have the best luck with flash drives so I don’t know what I was thinking. As a result, I lost, yes lost, every.single.resource.I’ve.ever.created. You heard that right. Every. Single. One. And although I haven’t exhausted all of my options in recovering the data, I am glad that my resources are all up on Teachers Pay Teachers.

So not all is lost. I do have backup of my leader planner, which is definitely a good thing! However, my beautiful cookie resources, which were mostly done, are gone. I had uploaded three lanyards and a couple of door hangers (all ABC Bakery) to Teachers Pay Teachers before the crash. I also had some files that I recovered enough to recreate some and the ones from InDesign were intact all but linked files. So after piecing everything together, I uploaded all but one resource: the thank you cards. I may try to recreate those this week. You can see what I have in my TpT shop. I’ve decided I won’t be listing the cookie resources on Etsy this year since it’s so late. It’s likely everyone is at the point of cookie sales where they have what they need. Nonetheless, the items are there to browse.


Good news is I was able to create two World Thinking Day Fun Patch certificates just in time for this year’s WTD! I had so much fun creating these and I truly hope you love them and find them useful.

The new certs are available in the Etsy store and on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the store on TpT. All of my resources are there, even the free ones!!

Have a great cookie season everyone!

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