Happy Summer! New Daisy, Junior And Cadette Resources!

Summer is such a different creature than it was when I was a kid in the 70’s. Growing up in Southern California, we were out of school the third week of June and didn’t go back until after Labor Day weekend. We spent barefoot days riding our bikes, playing outside, eating drippy popsicles and picking plums from the trees in our backyards. I remember a lot of stubbed toes! We generally drank TONS of Kool-Aid, ate Zingers, Laffy Taffy and Abba-Zabbas. We played in the sprinklers, watched late-night movies with our parents and generally never wore sunscreen unless we were at the river. These days kids get out anywhere from middle of May to beginning of June. Some of my friend’s kids go back the first week of August or even the last week of July. A three month summer is a thing of the past. It’s almost unheard of for kids to go back to school after Labor Day. This SHOULD BE A THING AGAIN!


Understanding that schools all over the U.S. start back early, I’ve adjusted my Back to Troop schedule to reflect this. I am fortunate to have all of your great minds requesting custom work and coming up with great ideas. It keeps me inspired. Thank you! And however long your summer is, enjoy the BBQs, long days and freedom for as long as they last <3

Daisy Badge Completion Certificates

These certs have been up on Etsy for awhile but not officially announced to your inboxes. I have to be super careful because unsubcribes kill me! So I saved it. The certs are an accompaniment to the Daisy Petal and Leaf completion certificates. You can print a set out for each girl and give them a certificate for every badge they earn or journey they complete! 
Includes sixteen (16) certificates: 
  • Buddy Camper
  • Good Neighbor
  • Board Game Design Challenge
  • Model Car Design Challenge
  • Roller Coaster Design Challenge
  • Outdoor Art Maker
  • What Robots Do
  • How Robots Move
  • Design a Robot
  • It’s Your World
  • It’s Your Planet
  • It’s Your Story
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Outdoor STEM
  • Outdoor

Junior Badge and Journey Certificates

39 certificates total including: 
    • (29) Twenty-nine skill badges;
    • (3) Three progressive badges; 
    • (3) Three older Journeys: It’s Your Planet, It’s Your Story and It’s Your World 
    • (4) Four all NEW Journeys: engineering, computer science, outdoor and outdoor STEM;

Cadette Badge, LIA and Journey Certificates

There are 38 certificates total including: 

  • (34) Thirty-four skill-building badges including NEW badges for robotics; 
  • (3) Three older Journeys: It’s Your Planet, It’s Your Story and It’s Your World; 
  • (1) One outdoor journey;
  • (2) NEW Journeys: programmer and engineer;
  • (3) LIA badges.
Once printed you can customize the certificates with each girl’s name, date and troop leader.
Find more {freebies page} 
GOT PICS?? Do you have photos of strawjenberry products in action? If so I would love to see them. I will feature them on a future blog post. {Email strawjenberry@gmail.com


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