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I’ve been as busy as a holiday elf working on changes and additions to iamstrawjenberry (formerly iamgirlscouts). After a year of trying to navigate the Teachers Pay Teachers site, I’m still finding it counter-intuitive and not super user-friendly. Plenty of people love it, it just wasn’t working for little old me. As a result I’ve decided to open a store on Etsy.  In doing so I’ve added custom items as well as brand new items to both shops. Some of the items are the same, some are a bit different.  TpT removed the ability to customize items and email them, so I’m mainly doing customized orders through Etsy now. You can also email me.

*OK I’m going to get real for a minute* so skip this paragraph if you are just too excited and want to see what’s to come.  Here goes:  I’m in the middle of an amicable divorce, but it is a divorce nonetheless and after 25 years it’s a huge adjustment to uncouple. Add to that three kids and a dog and you can probably imagine how uprooted our life feels at the moment.  This has sidelined a lot of the plans I had for my site last spring.  I feel the most regret about not getting the leader planner done.  Prior to us separating, I took a promotion at my job and went back to school for graphic design.  These are all good things!  I had to step back from the blog a bit for in-real-life stuff.  Now that things are settling down, I’m hoping to add new resources monthly.  If you’ve read this far, thank you for reading 🙂

Now for the good stuff! The leader planner is almost done and it’s my intention to release it in early December.  I’ve created Ambassador and Senior web graphics and both are now available.  I’ve also added custom logo and t-shirt design options.  So if you’ve been wanting a custom item, now is the time to ask!

I hope you all find the transition to be seamless and smooth.  I’m so excited that all the work I’ve put in on the back end is now coming to fruition.  I hope you’ll visit my new store and take a look around! And don’t forget that all the freebies are now available right here on the blog or on Teachers Pay Teachers.


3 thoughts on “Exciting Changes & Announcements!

  • Trina

    Glad to hear your heading back in track with the blog. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself the good and the bad. It is a strong person to place your news out there to people who don't really know you. May your days continue to brighten and be blessed.

  • KC Coake

    I love your site and what you have offered! Totally appreciate them. I just thought I would mention that I know in the past you offered some of your things as free printables (or at least my memory was that I got them free…maybe my memory is wrong). I'm a blogger as well and offer free printables right on my site using Selz. You can get more information at selz.com, but you can sell your paid printables through them as well and their fees are much better than Etsy. I got tired of all the Etsy fees and have slowly moved all of my digital products to Selz. It is also nice because people don't have to leave your site at all. Anyway…I love what you do and thank you very much for the cute printables and easy way to stay organized as a leader.

  • straw/Jen/berry

    Thank you for the suggestion! I'm going to look into Selz for sure. I still offer freebies, they are now available in the resources section of the blog. xoxo

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