GSUSA Announces the New Outdoor Badges!

Excerpt from GSUSA Email News:

Girl Scouts cast more than 80,000 votes throughout the “Girls’ Choice” process—which marked the first time ever that girls across our Movement were invited to vote directly on a Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) badge series. After choosing “Outdoor Explorer” from a range of outdoor themes, they voted on the type of activities to be linked with each badge, followed by the physical designs.

The winning badges are:

Brownie – Outdoor Adventurer. Girls have a choice of outdoor activities, including wading in a creek, bike riding, and developing a camping skill.

Junior – Horseback Riding

Cadette – Archery

Senior – Paddling. Girls can canoe, kayak, or paddle board.

Ambassador – Ultimate Recreation Challenge. Girls have a choice of five outdoor challenges, including rock climbing, ziplining, and waterskiing.

Here’s a link to the announcement: Blog post

That’s all the information I can find right now! If you have any info to pass along, please contact me.

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