Looking for Camps you Attended as a Girl Scout?

***Update July 2020***

Unfortunately this site is no longer active 🙁 Such a bummer. I wish I had downloaded some pics before it went offline. The domain is still registered but there isn’t any content.

Here is by far the latest and greatest of websites I’ve found for Girl Scout nostalgia.  We are so lucky to have the internet.  We have access to a vast array of OPP (Other People’s Photos) from before many of us were even born.  Since I have very few photographs from my year’s in Girl Scouts (two, to be exact) I often reference online sites to “tickle” my memory. 

The website proved to be a huge Gold Mine:  Vintage Girl Scouts, www.vintagegirlscout.com. My favorite section of the site is their Girl Scout camp resource. The camp pages, www.vintagegirlscouts.com/camp.html, organized by state, have vintage photos, news clippings and statistics on Girl Scout camps all over the United States. Even those that are closed or gone. So take a walk down memory lane!

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