aMUSE in a Day Outline & Photo Album


The strawjenberry “Comprehensive Guide to Completing the aMUSE Journey in a Day” has been completed.  Whoop! This post is the accompanying photo album. My photography skills are not so great (next on my list of skill building tasks!) are mediocre at best.  For that reason I didn’t want to include photos in the e-book.  Hopefully they will give you a visual of the day and help you come up with ideas.


Journey Outline

A. Reach Out
  1.   A Flurry of Roles
  2.   Team Prop Box
  3.   Take the Stage
  4.   Role Models
  5.   Logs and Leaders
  6.   Breaking the Mold
  7.   Role Play Switcharoo
  8.   Planning the Team “Callbacks”
  9.   Ads Assume

B. Speak Out

  1.   First, the Stereotype
  2.   Next, the Storyline
  3.   Our Muse, Your Project
  4.   aMUSE-ing Snack & Motion
  5.   What’s My Role?
  6.   Sharing Our Accessories

C. Try Out

  1.   Mirror, Mirror
  2.   The “Callback”
  3.   Showtime!
  4.   Awards Presentation & Closing

Photo Gallery




A. Reach Out

i.  A Flurry of Roles


ii.  Team Prop Box

iii.  Take the Stage 

iv.  Role Models
v.  Logs & Leaders
vi.  Breaking the Mold
vii.  Role-Play Switcheroo 
viii.  Planning the Team “Callback” 
ix.  Ads Assume… 





B.  Speak Out

i.  First, the Stereotype

ii. Next, the Storyline

iii.  Your Art, Your Part

iv.  aMUSE-ing Snack & Motion

v.  The Role of a Lifetime

vi.  Sharing our Accessories







C.  Try Out

i.  Mirror, Mirror

ii.  The “Callback”


iii.  Showtime!


iv.  Awards Presentation & Closing


Don’t feel like you need to create the journey activities from scratch!  So many resources are out there to help you lead the journey.  You can do it!  Take on this role 🙂
Mirror Game [pdf], Character cards, Power Word Pennants [pdf], Play Scene Spinner [pdf] can be found here.
GSUSA Pinterest site:

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