What’s New? Senior & Ambassador Trackers, Poll Results

Monday funday! Well, we try right?  I am pleased to announce that I’ve completed both the Senior and Ambassador trackers.  Each are available in either Word (editable) or PDF (not editable) formats.  I was thinking it would be really cool to give these to the girls and have them keep track.  Perfectly Girl-led!  Here are the links:

Senior [Word version]
Senior [PDF]
Ambassador [Word Version]
Ambassador [PDF]

Does Your Girl Scout Troop Meet During the Summer Months?

Yes ~ 49 (21%)

No ~ 78 (34%)

We do camps and meetings
  21 (9%)

We do camps but no meetings
  17 (7%)

We do special trips and meetings
  36 (15%)

We do only special trips but no meetings
  84 (36%)

Number of Total Votes: 228

The majority of troops don’t meet during the summer, which didn’t surprise me.  I love the fact that 36% of troops do special trips during the summer and others do camps or meetings or both!  There are some super dedicated troop leaders out there.  You are Girl Scouts!

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I hope you are all having a great September so far!

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  • Unknown

    Thank you for posting these! Life savers when so many activity guides are gone in stores or they just don't stock the stuff for the older girls and shipping takes forever.

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