The Cadette Tracker is here!

Boy, I’m on a roll!  I’ve gotten the Cadette tracker done and the Daisy tracker will be done today too. I hope you find this useful!

I’ll be a Cadette leader next year and making this tracker got me excited about taking the girls to the next level of Girl Scouting.  This tracker allows troop leaders to document badge requirements for each girl. Includes all of the new Legacy and Journey badges in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting. Each page includes one badge. For my troop, I printed the sheets in color, double-sided, then laminated them. To hold them together I hole-punched them laminated sheets and used a binder ring to hold them together. I placed stickers on the requirements so I can keep track. The girls got so excited looking through all of the badge choices in one place.

A note about formatting:   The tracker is available in Word [.doc] or .pdf format. If you are savvy with Word formatting, you can personalize the .doc tracker to your liking.  If you would rather hand write in the names of the girls and not worry about formatting, download the .pdf.

You can download the tracker Word tracker here or the .pdf tracker here.

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