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Happy Summer Leaders!  Does your troop meet during the summer?  If not, why?  For my troop the girls travel a lot throughout the summer and it would not be feasible to continue meeting when school is out.  But I know troops that not only continue to meet, but also do service projects and activities all summer long.

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What’s in a word?  Words are powerful, words can elicit emotion, describe people, places and things and create a visual picture.  So I was super excited to stumble across Wordle when I saw a printed “word cloud” a co-worker had created for her new education program.  I believe I might have squealed.  She was in the midst of creating a Kan Ban board to assist her with developing a linear plan for a program that wasn’t created yet.  Think storyboards in filmmaking.

I’m a very visual learner so making and using Kan Ban boards is right up my alley.  But I digress.

Wordle is a tool that allows you to input keywords and output a word graphic like this:

Colors, fonts and word direction can all be personalized.  The resulting graphic is printable and saveable, but be cautioned, sometimes it’s a bit tricky and you can’t “find” the graphic so be sure to do screen shots of pertinent information before moving on.  You will not be able to go back and according to the current Wordle FAQ’s, you cannot search for a wordle.

The more words you use, the more detailed the word cloud:

Wordle has a lot of applications to troop life.  It is a great way for girls to do a visual brainstorming session, use it as a tool in the “It’s Your Story, Tell It” journeys and would make a great gift if you entered each girl’s name and her qualities, or troop goals, etc. along with a few Girl Scout words.  Here is one I found on the web:

So visit Wordle and play away!

One thought on “Oh My Wordle!

  • Unknown

    How were you able to save a wordle file that you created? I wanted to make my own t-shirts..

  • straw/Jen/berry

    After you share your Wordle to the public forum, a page will pop up that gives you a URL to post the image to a blog. Even better, if you scroll down you will see your image as an image rather than as a Java image. At that point you can right click the image and save it. Good luck!

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