Updated for 2019!  The all new Junior Tracker can be found here.

The old badge tracker post:  In an attempt to be more “girl led” with my new juniors, I wanted them to be involved in every possible decision that affected their Girl Scout experience.  As a crazy, happy pinner, I came across a wonderful badge tracker by Sylvia at http://www.gouldspace.com

I decided to adapt and recreate it.  I added all the badges from Girl Guides to Girl Scouting including the financial literacy, cookie business and all the Journeys.  When it came to putting them all together, I initially mounted them on cute cardstock and butcher paper so that I could take it to Kinko’s to be laminated.  The length ended up making this prohibitive for transporting and storing (since out meeting room is at the school and this year we don’t have permanent storage).  So instead I printed the sheets double-sided, in color, on 32 lb. 98 brightness quality copier paper.  I laminated each double-sided sheet and used a binder clip to hold it all together.

At our meeting yesterday the girls had fun looking through the badge choices and deciding what to start on first!

The entire packet of 26 badges can be downloaded free here [pdf] or [Word].  The Word doc can be personalized and the pdf cannot.  Happy Trooping!

12 thoughts on “Junior Badge Tracker! Updated for Girl Guides to Girl Scouting

  • Unknown

    I am loving your blog! I design and sell Girl Scout t-shirts as well as make printable certificates, etc (some freebies) and I'm always looking for good stuff to share with my facebook followers. I hope you don't mind if I share some of your stuff on my facebook page! -Shop Spaz Scout & Team Shirts

  • straw/Jen/berry

    Thank you! I appreciate your support for my fledgling blog. I'm trying to put pretty resources out there to make leaders lives easier. I would love to put a link from your page on mine if you are interested.

  • Kimberly Grimes

    This is fantastic! I have a Junior & I am a Brownie leader. Are you aware of any Brownie Trackers like this?

  • Unknown

    Thank you for this hard work. I would love to see the tracker for Daisy, Brownie, & Cadette's as well. We have a very mixed troop so I take all the help I can get. This is awesome. Nice to know that someone so close is blogging.

  • Josianne Fitzgerald

    Hi. I love the tracker idea, but I cannot download the pdf. I get an error message. Can you check your link?


  • Unknown

    You are awesome! Thank you for sharing these badge trackers–you are certainly a sister to all Girl Scouts!

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