Let’s Talk Fonts!

Since I love making graphics, it’s only natural that I love fonts too.  If I see a graphic I love, it’s fun to identify the font that’s used.  There are a couple of really good font identification sites on the web.  I use myfont.com/whatthefont mostly but for easy idents (simple fonts that are not fancy) I use identifont.com.  What does this have to do with Girl Scouts you ask?  Wellll…the new Girl Guides to Girl Scouting use different fonts for each age group.  Having headings to use for a number of projects is so helpful, especially if you make a lot of your own resources as I do.  I went through and identified each of the fonts Girl Scouts used on the books.  Fun, right?  Surely I’m not the only one that noticed that all the spines together make a tree and a line of girls at each age level together?  Great detail Girl Scouts!

The Daisy font is called Zalderdash.  I love it’s playfulness and simplicity!
The Brownie font is called Kari.  It’s pretty, partial print, partial handwriting style is great for 1st and 2nd graders.
The Junior font is a bit more tricky.  I had to pull out the stops to identify this one, meaning I had to post a sample on a board.  The result was a font called Éclat, but the problem:  it wasn’t exactly the same font with the spacing and alignment of the lettering. So I combed the web and came across a font called Creampuff.  Creampuff was easier to find free, which makes it good to use in a pinch.  The main standout is that the lowercase “r” is a bit different.
The Cadette, Senior and Ambassador fonts were more common fonts so easier to identify.  Cadette is Rockwell:
Seniors is Bodoni Poster ssi. November 14, 2013: In my zeal at getting these fonts identified and up, I misidentified the Senior font.  It is indeed Bodoni Poster, but it is Bodoni Poster Italic.
Ambassadors is Helvetica:
 Stay tuned for what this all means for iamgirlscouts…

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Fonts!

  • Mama

    I was just about to go identify these fonts myself when I stumbled upon your site. Thanks very much!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for figuring this out! Curious what font site you use? Having trouble finding the Brownie (Kari) font. Thanks!

  • Unknown

    Hello. I'm trying to find a graphic or .jpg or .svg file of the girl sihouettes under the tree. Does anyone know where I can get that? My troop wants to put it on our troop tshirts this year.

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