My Brownie Troop was very ambitious with cookie sales this year.  So ambitious that halfway through the sales period we {me} began to panic that we’d bitten off more than we could chew (which we did–but that’s another post completely!) I reached out to folks in the community that I had relationships with and my former employer, a flower shop, agreed to do a permanent “booth” sale for us.  This took the form of shelf space displaying boxes of cookies.  As customers came in to buy flowers, they were asked if they were interested in buying Girl Scout cookies.  Many customers added them to their flower deliveries as an extra gift, as a get well item or bought them for themselves.  It was a win win.  The community was able to buy cookies in a consistent location and the flower shop had a special, seasonal treat to offer their flower customers.  It helps that the owner is a Rotarian and his wife is a Soroptimist.  They understand and believe in organizations like Girl Scouts!

The display stayed up until the end of site sales.  I’m happy to report the flower shop sold over 100 boxes of cookies!  Next came time to say THANK YOU in a big way.  So I arranged to have a troop mom act as photographer and do a photo shoot with the girls (we also took individual portraits of the girls for my Bridging Scrapbook gifts–yet another post!).  We cut the letters T-H-A-N-K  Y-O-U-! out of 12X12 glitter scrapbook paper.  Then each girl held a letter (and one girl held a silk Strelitzia aka Bird of Paradise) and wammo a photo thank you card.  I purchased a mat and had the girls sign it and add cookie stickers.  Add a quick frame and voila! A Thank You card is born!  I wrapped it in kraft paper, added ribbon and the Strelitzia.

For the privacy of the girls, kitty faces were added to mask their identities =^.^=

Such a simple way to give a personal troop thank you that can be hung on the business’ wall, put up at the cash register or on the owner/manager’s desk.  They’ve already asked us to come back next year and do a cookie rally outside the store–which just happens to be across the street from a Target and TJMaxx. Can’t wait!

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